Adult Formation

Adult Christian Formation

In our rapidly competitive culture, one of our greatest challenges for each of is regularly setting time aside to nourish our souls. The ministry of Adult Christian Formation recognizes that each of us yearns to know more about God, spirituality in daily life, prayer, church traditions, and how to nourish our faith in a changing world. Our many volunteers and clergy strive to meet this challenge by offering creative opportunities for ongoing spiritual practice through adult education programs, retreats, quiet days and special forums. We offer the four-year program of study Education for Ministry; in September, 2016 we expanded to four study groups of 6-12 people each.

We all must be involved in lifelong and intentional faith development to increase our knowledge of God and to deepen our understanding of what it means to be a Christian in the contemporary world. In acknowledging that faith formation happens largely out in the world, outside the walls of our parishes, our goal is to better engage our own parishioners and newcomers in the journey of lifelong formation through a variety of educational opportunities that inform, inspire and transform our members. In addition, we provide a forum for our vestry ministries and external community groups to share their goals and needs. Members and non-members are invited to attend any of our offerings.

Christian formation for adults happens:

  • Sunday Morning Adult Forum Presentations. Adult Forums are held between the two services, starting at 9 am in the parish hall. We are so blessed with and give thanks for the many gifts and talents that our members and guest presenters share with us. For more information, please contact Tori Greenover.
  • Sunday Afternoon and Weeknight Groups gather to watch and then discuss a variety of progressive and traditional studies, including materials by noted leaders as Walter Bruggeman, Phyllis Tickle, Brian McLaren, and Joseph Campbell. In conjunction with the Congregational Development ministry, Inquirers classes are led by Rev. Kathy Andonian and the Rev. Robert Coble. Leaders of the study groups include Rev. Kathy Andonian, Hobie Simms, Eric Frankhouser, the Rev. Robert Coble, Marc Andonian, Tori Greenover, and other speakers/teachers/presenters.
  • Weekly Growth Group Bible Studies and Workshops. We offer a variety of group studies at various times throughout the year. Some of these have included studies of books by Jane Austen, facilitated by Suzanne Detweiler, forums on financial management, Bible studies on various topics, current events and faith, and numerous other creative programs. Watch our website and publications for upcoming offerings.

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The Adult Christian Formation Ministry is an open group of creative thinkers who discover opportunities for Christian formation in our church. Members of the planning team include: The Rev. Kathy Andonian, Rev. Marge Dean, Lynn Bingaman, Jan and Bettianne Boggess, Eric Frankhouser, Stella Faust-Folk, Tori Greenover (Chair), Hobie Simms, and Marge Zeig. We normally meet three times a year and we welcome your ideas and participation. Check the newsletter and weekly bulletins for specific meeting dates, or contact Tori Greenover.

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