Arts and Spirituality

Examining our personal faith through creation.

If you’ve heard the expression “enjoy the journey” or “the journey is as important as the destination” then you know a bit more of what this group is about than perhaps you thought. By putting together thought, prayer, and purpose to create an end result, we take time to focus and express what we feel in our hearts. Sometimes it is easy but many times it is not; yet in the struggle we discover clarity and the ability to share our faith with others.

Perfection? We do not expect perfection in the artistic sense, rather we understand the journey to achieve a message is of vital importance, and messages are delivered in many ways.

Art is part of the quest for wholeness—and our ability to forgo perfection for wholeness allows the Spirit to move, and breath, and be a part of our very being.”

-Rev. Kathryn Andonian, Rector COHS

This congregation recognizes the purpose of the works we exhibit and has enjoyed each display presented. By featuring exhibits in church, we have inspired our own, and welcomed many people into this worship space making friends in the greater community.

To take the time and put forth the effort to participate in A&S is to take part in the active, creative ministry of this church. We welcome everyone, including all ages, all media, and all skill levels, to venture into the creative process where spiritual learning occurs.

The desire to express one’s self creatively is, I believe, a function of God’s image in mankind. It is a joy to be in a church that encourages its members to be creative.”

-Dave Boorse, COHS member

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