Celtic Healing Services

Celtic Healing Services

Services are held throughout the year, usually on Thursday evenings. They include periods of silence, instrumental music, and opportunities for hands’-on prayers, including Reiki. Watch for days and times in our newsletters, e-mails, and on the website. The style, language, and music are adapted from the Celtic tradition.

The Healing Service

“They anointed with oil many who were sick and cured them.” (Mark 6:13)

The Healing Service is an essential part of the Christian Church’s ministry and offered for those seeking God’s strength in a time of need. The Laying on of Hands, Anointing with holy oil, and prayers for the sick and their care givers have been part of the Church’s ministry since the days of the apostles.

God in Jesus came among us to repair, to make whole, and to complete the Creation. Often, we deny our need for healing. Or we may feel we can only press on, trying to muddle through whatever is troubling us in order not to burden others. We may not understand or believe that healing is possible. Or we may think our problem is insignificant in light of others’ problems. But we are not meant to just muddle through; not intended to just endure our burdens. Jesus came that we could have life and have it abundantly. Jesus came among us bringing the Good News of redemption and salvation that wholeness and restoration may be ours, and through us be known to all.

Healing is not just about physical health. You may be carrying the burden of a troubled marriage or relationship, a concern about your career, a conflict in your family, a financial worry. The burden you carry need not even be your own, but concern for a friend in trouble, or a neighbor in distress, or a co-worker in need. It is for these times that God offers us the gift of intercessory prayer. “Come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will refresh you” is more than a nice sentiment; it is an invitation to receive the joy and the hope and the promise that God makes known in Christ.

Often when ill we tend to forget the reassurance of our faith. The Healing Service is a reminder of what Jesus has done for us in the past, what he can do for us in the present, and what his death and resurrection has secured for us in the future.

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