Sunday School

Sunday School is where our young people learn the Christian story and how it connects to their own stories. They also learn that they are a vital part of our community and truly have a place here. The Christian Education ministry, led by Jane Griffith & Karin Schwabe, invites and welcomes all children to join us in our Sunday school program. Sunday School meets September-early June and starts at 9:00am and ends at 10:00am. 

Godly Play (Ages 4-5): The Godly Play curriculum engages young children through story-telling of foundational Bible stories, coupled with “I wonder” statements that encourage them to think more about the stories. They also learn the basics of the sacraments and the liturgical year.

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Explorers (Grades 1-2): Beginning the journey of faith through exploration of Bible stories, sacraments, Holy Days, and putting faith into action.

Voyagers (Grades 3-5): Continuing to enjoy their faith in deep and more mature ways, including a growing awareness of how God is revealed in the world around them.

Discoverers (Middle School): Making the link between childhood and young adulthood in creative ways, seeing things in unexpected ways, and discovering the foundations of faith anew with their growing skill of abstract thinking and worldly awareness.

Pilgrims (High School): All of these youth are walking toward adulthood and their journey of discernment. One of the most important aspects of the Pilgrim’s program is the preparation of the youth for their pilgrimage—the lifelong journey of spiritual formation and faith. Our faith journey is undertaken in companionship with others; together, we ask questions, make new discoveries, learn from one another, express our doubts, serve others, and learn what it means to be part of a community of faith.

Missionaries (Upper High School post pilgrimage): they have gained wisdom and are now to set out on the next phase of their journey…bringing the light and love of Christ with them where ever they go.

The Explorers, Voyagers and Discoverers use the curriculum, “Weaving God’s Promises,” a comprehensive three-year program that was written specifically for the Episcopal Church. This curriculum is consistent with the way the Bible is used and interpreted in our tradition, and each lesson includes an “Episcopal thread” covering topics like liturgy, sacraments, and our Baptismal Covenant. Other resources are used as appropriate.

The Pilgrims and Missionaries use a materials offered by Leader Resources (Rite-13, Journey to Adulthood (J2A), and Young Adult s at Church (YAC)) which help students engage the faith at a more advanced level, and guide them in addressing the questions and issues they face as adolescents in a Christian framework. While this is a good basic curriculum, we have found that is necessary to adapt and supplement this material to meet the needs of our students.

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