Community Case Worker

Over the past years, the numbers of people requesting assistance from churches for food, rent assistance, electric bills, heating oil, and other necessities have increased significantly. Churches, including Church of the Holy Spirit, found themselves unable to fully meet the immediate financial needs of individuals and families or to adequately provide referrals to public or private organizations able to offer ongoing assessment, support, and services. So, working together, the churches of Indian Valley Ministerium—a voluntary gathering of church leaders representing many different denominations and non-denominational churches—and the Keystone Opportunity Center (KOC) created the Community Case Manager program.

This program allows churches to donate designated funds to KOC each year which are then used to employ a full-time community case manager. This professional receives referrals from churches and others of individuals and families who seek financial or other assistance. The community case manager provides a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s or family’s needs, develops a plan to work toward self-sufficiency, offers targeted referrals to service agencies, requests additional funds from churches (if needed), and provides ongoing support and counseling.

Since its inception, the program has served increasing numbers of individuals and families and helped with services including nutrition, housing, health care, English-as-a-second-language education, job skills development, budgeting, and myriad other needs.

It is a creative, successful program to which Church of the Holy Spirit makes a generous annual contribution. We raise the funds for this through our different events held each year, including the Fair Day and Pie Sale.

We are honored to work with other churches in this ecumenical endeavor that so well serves our local community—and serves as a model for other communities. If you have questions, please contact Rev. Kathy.

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