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College Outreach Project

Deadline: October 22

As you look around the sanctuary at COHS this September and October you may feel that someone is missing. You are correct! Many of our wonderful young adults are now away at college.

University life can be a crucial time of questioning, experimenting, and testing of faith.
To help them keep connected and to let our students know that they are in our thoughts and prayers, we will be asking the members of the congregation to help us make up care packages that will be sent in October.

A large box will be placed in the narthex for your notes of support and other items that will let our college students know that we are thinking of them. Some items you may wish to donate are:

• Homemade cookies or brownies (we freeze them until we’re ready to send them)
• Microwave popcorn
• Dried fruit or trail mix
• Gum Candy
• Snack packages
• Highlighters
• Crackers
• Stamps
• Instant meals such as individual mac & cheese
• Post-its
• Small notebooks or memo pads

It will mean so much to them to know that they are still a valuable part of Church of the Holy Spirit.

Please contact Lynn Bingaman if you have any questions.

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