First Friday Adult Faith Forum

Islamic Spiritual Anatomy & Contemplative Practices

When: Friday, June 1
Where: COHS Parish Hall
Time: 6:00 pm Pot luck dinner, 6:30pm interview, 7:30pm  discussion

The soul, heart and mind. How do Muslims understand these spiritual concepts? What types of contemplative practices are common among Muslims? What is Ramadan (this year May 16 to June 14) and what does it means for Muslims? Are there differences in understanding and practice among Sunnis, Shias and Sufis?

Asheq Fazlullah – Asheq has served as a Public Speaker for the Delaware Valley Speakers Bureau ( since 2014. He has spoken to faith groups, schools, universities, senior centers, law enforcement and local civic organizations, across the Delaware Valley. He rotates as a Friday congregational prayer service leader at Villanova University and Swarthmore College. Additionally, he serves on the board of which cooks and serves over 2200 meals a month.

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