Faith Community Nursing

Mo Higgins Maureen Higgins, RN, MSN is our Faith Community Nurse, also referred to as our Parish Nurse. Although our Faith Community Nurse does not provide “hands on” care, she does assist, promote and support individuals in becoming more active partners in the stewardship of their health and utilization of health and wellness resources. Mo also authors the Nurses Corner in Spiritus on timely topics and provides informational material for new parents involved in our Stork Ministry.
Additionally our Faith Community Nurse:

  • Counsels parishioners regarding health questions and concerns
  • Replies to parishioners’ questions regarding medications and side effects
  • Provides information on hospice care
  • Directs parishioners to discharge planners and social workers in hospitals to assist with after hospital care and provides information for post-hospital rehabilitation
  • Assesses minor injuries that occurred on church property and advises regarding self-treatment vs. an ER visit
  • Provides minor first aid and provides information on follow up care.
  • Provides supportive listening to parishioners in distress.

Additionally Mo has support from:

Sally Minich, who regularly replenishes the first aid kits located in the kitchen and the modular units.

Barry Norris, who insures maintenance of our defibrillator, and

Jane Bucci and Sally, who keep our “Backdoor” ministry content updated and provide other support as members of our Health & Wellness Ministry Team.


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