Fran Gautreau

Fran on Youth Pilgrimage – Canterbury, UK

Fran Gautreau is a Member at Large on the Church Vestry. Fran and her family, husband Bob, and adult children Sam and Sarah have been members for over 14 years. In addition to the Vestry, Fran has been a Christian Education teacher for close to 10 years, currently teaching our J2A (journey to adulthood) group. Her duties on Vestry include participation in Fundraising and Congregational Development and Stewardship.

The church has been both a spiritual center for Fran and her family and a place where they feel welcomed and loved. She enjoys working with good people and being an integral part of the success of the church.

Fran has an information technology background and currently works as a Project Manager in a financial services company in Blue Bell. Fran enjoys being active with her family and friends and loves to hike, ski, cook and working around her property gardening with her border collie Maddie at her side.

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