Jon Gavetti

Jon GavettiI first came to COHS in 2008. For the 9 years prior to that my wife, Jessie, and I had lived in Denver, Colorado. We went from snowboarding and camping most weekends to raising our first daughter, Lily.   When we had our second daughter, Carly, we decided to take Merck up on its offer to move back home in order to be closer to family and friends.

Although a lot has changed with my career, one thing that has not changed is the value that I place in attending a place of spiritual worship. In Denver we joined a small Episcopal Church. I was on the vestry for a number of years at All Saints Church and enjoyed my time serving on it. We love the sense of community here and have had a chance to participate in a number of activities including the annual fair and other ministries.

I know that fundraising is the key aspect of this vestry position. My unique take on it would be to use the various signature events as a way to bring more people in to become long-standing parishioners. I look forward to helping build this community with your help.

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