Addiction Recovery Advocates

Marge Hanna Zeig & Tom Wolfgang, Co-Coordinators

Substance use disorders including binge drinking, alcoholism, illicit drug use and misuse of prescribed medications are all too prevalent in our society. And these disorders affect all economic and social strata of our population, men and women, adolescents, adults – including older adults.  Addiction is a chronic disease – a brain disorder the requires treatment and a pathway to recovery based on the unique situation/needs of the individual.

At Church of the Holy Spirit we have trained Addiction Recovery Advocates who can provide support and referral services for individuals with a substance use disorder or for family members or friends seeking a pathway to recovery for their loved one.  Advocates have a lived experience of addiction and are in long term recovery, or are family members, who can assist with linking to local resources and provide support during the recovery journey.


For more information about this ministry, or if you would like to become a Recovery Advocate, contact Marge Hanna Zeig, Tom Wolfgang or Rev. Kathy. All contacts and resultant conversations are kept strictly confidential.

Self Test: Am I an Alcoholic?

Self Test: Am I drug addicted?

Free local Family Education Program

Local alcohol and other drug information and support line 1-800-221-6333

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