Other Outreach Opportunities


CROPposterThe we” in the quote are our friends, neighbors and other people in hundreds of communities who walk each year. The “they” in our quote are the billions of people who go to bed hungry every night. And because of poverty they must walk to accomplish the most basic tasks:

They walk for food. They walk for water.

They walk for firewood. They walk to escape violence.

They walk to seek shelter. They walk to farm their fields.

They walk to find employment. They walk to go to school. They walk for medical care.

Every year, COHS partners with local churches to walk and raise funds to help materially poor people in our local community and our world community overcome oppression and other obstacles to get their basic needs of life met.

If you would like to contribute time, money or be a part of the CROP Walk effort, or want more information, please contact Eric Frankhouser

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