Pastoral Care

Marge Hanna Zeig & Shirley Zagorski, Co-Coordinators

Pastoral Care at Church of the Holy Spirit includes our Lay Pastoral Care and Health & Wellness Ministries. Attending to the human needs of one another is foundational in our community. Whether to people experiencing trauma or crisis, suffering from illness, facing a transition, or embracing the sacred moments at the time of dying, the compassion embodied in Jesus is realized by members of Christ’s Church. Our Lay Pastoral Care and Health & Wellness Ministry teams recognize the many ways in which individuals and families need to be assured of God’s love and presence. New ministries are created in response to the needs of the parish and local community.

Kaity and Sally slider Our Health and Wellness Ministry, coordinated by Marge Hanna Zeig, recognizes the link between mind, body and spirit, offering diverse programs that seek to integrate and support these aspects of human need. Whether it be through the ministrations of our Faith Community Nurse, Maureen (Mo) Higgins, RN, MSN, health education organized by our Health Ministry Team, Yoga, Sign Chi Do or T’ai Chi, we recognize that people come to the church seeking health and wholeness in all parts of their lives.

The Lay Pastoral Care Ministry serves the physical, educational, spiritual and emotional needs of the parish members through a caring, compassionate and informed ministry. These efforts intend to reflect and manifest God’s love and compassion for others as instructed by Christ. Ministries include:

Eucharistic Visitors
Friendly Visitors
Veterans Advocacy
Addiction Recovery Advocates
Stork Ministry
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Behavioral Health Ministry Team
Prayer Chain
Intercessory Prayers
Reiki & Therapeutic Touch




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