The Dobson Pipe Organ at Holy Spirit


This instrument, commissioned by Antony Garlick, a professor of music and composition at Wayne State College, Lynn Dobson’s alma mater, has a complicated history. Originally built in 1975, the organ was sold in 1987 to Mrs. Richard (“Buncey”) Brooks of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and moved by Dobson to her residence in that same year. Some minor revoicing was done to accommodate the new quarters.

In 1997, Mrs. Brooks sold the organ to her parish, the Church of the Holy Spirit, which was then building a new sanctuary in Harleysville, Pennsylvania. Dobson was once again engaged to move the organ. To better serve the much large space, several alterations were made. In addition to three new stops, the main section of the organ was raised about 30″ and new casework, key and stop actions were made to accommodate this change. The organ was reinstalled and completely revoiced by Bill Ayers and John Panning in a four week period in the spring of 1998.

Sue Ellen at Console








8′                             Principal               added 1998         61

8′                             Gedackt                               61

4′                             Principal                               61

II-III                        Mixture                recomposed 1998            164



8′                             Holzgedackt                       61

4′                             Koppelflöte                        61

2′                             Principal                               61

1-1/3′                     Gemshorn Quinte                           61

8′                            Trumpet              added 1998        61


16′                          Subbass               added 1998         32

8′                             Holzgedackt                       32

4′                             Choralbass                          32

16′                          Dulzian                 32



Mechanical key action

Mechanical stop action

Free standing solid oak case

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