John Kurki

Cheryl and I moved to Pennsylvania from up north this past summer (2016). We have enjoyed getting re-acquainted with the area and meeting many friendly people at Church of the Holy Spirit. Although I was born and raised near Southampton, PA, I had not lived in this state for 30 years. Cheryl was born in Oakes, North Dakota. I was baptized and raised in a Methodist church. Cheryl was baptized as a Roman Catholic and educated by nuns. I did not know there was a middle way until we visited an Episcopal church, St. Thomas’, in Alexandria, New Jersey. Cheryl and I served there as Sunday school teachers and I had the honor of serving on the vestry. We were married at St.Thomas’ Alexandria in 2001.

After moving several more times, a new job for me, procurement manager at Henkels & McCoy, a construction company headquartered in Blue Bell, brought us back east. My mother and sister who reside in Pennsylvania welcomed us back. Likewise, we are both grateful to have been welcomed by so many of you at Church of the Holy Spirit.

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