Marge Hanna Zeig

Marge has been at COHS since 2001 and serves as the co-coordinator for Pastoral Care at COHS, which encompasses eleven ministries, including our Health and Wellness programs.  She is also active as a trainer for Addiction Recovery Advocates, a program of the diocesan Addiction Resource Recovery Committee (ARRC) and participates as a recovery advocate in our congregation. Marge is a cradle Episcopalian who grew up the eldest of five children of an Air Force pilot and a WW II English “war bride”. She was christened in England, confirmed in Japan and attended high school in Ohio and Virginia before graduating with a master’s from Penn State. She works in the behavioral health field, specializing in substance use disorder programming. Marge’s passions are her family, gardening, reading incessantly, traveling (when she can) and trying (unsuccessfully) to live more in the moment.

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