Reiki & Theraputic Touch

Hands-on Healing Ministry Tori Greenover , Coordinator

The Hands-on Healing Ministry is a joint venture of the Pastoral Care – Health and Wellness Ministry and the Adult Christian Formation Ministries. It was created in response to the overwhelming interest generated from a 2012 Adult Forum presentation.

reikiThe type of hands-on healing that we practice is called Reiki, a Japanese form of treatment from the early 1900s. During a treatment, trained practitioners lay their hands on or above on different points of the body to reduce stress, and instill relaxation. The popularity of Reiki is growing and many Christians have begun to practice it. Because Reiki’s healing technique is similar to what Jesus practiced, they have found it useful to express compassion toward others and relieve suffering at the same time that it creates a closer connection for them to God.

Members of this ministry include:  Lili Walters, Yvonne Caputo, Linda Greiser, Ruth Konrad, Mark Moliterno, Marc Andonian, Louise Beebe, Karen Williamson, Lynn Bingaman, Chris Detweiler, Jean Fairfield, Hobie Simms, Shirley Zagorski, Lea Christi (periodically) and Tori Greenover.  Members join the intercessors at the font on Sundays and at healing services throughout the year. They are available to visit COHS members in the hospital, or who are shut-ins their homes.



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