Ted Olson

Ted OlsonIt will be three years this June when my spouse, Jack Anderson, and I first came to the Church of the Holy Spirit. We experienced a welcoming community (with cookies on our doorstep the next day, thanks to Jean Fairfield!) a vibrant liturgy, superb music, challenging preaching, and great hospitality. After several years of searching we had found our spiritual home. We were both received into the communion of the Episcopal Church last May by Bishop Daniel.

I was raised as a Roman Catholic and ministered as a RC priest for 25 years in Delaware. Along the way I obtained a masters degree in counseling and training as a spiritual director. Since 2001 I have exercised my baptismal call to ministry as a therapist. Currently, I am a therapist and the site director for the Lansdale office of Springfield Psychological.

At Church of the Holy Spirit, I have served as a lector and in providing hospitality. I am a member of Encore, and have enjoyed many outings with the group. I belong to this church community because I need to. I can easily forget and need to remember who I am in God and who I am called to be as part of what our Presiding Bishop Michael calls the “Jesus Movement.”

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