Tori Greenover

Tori GreenoverTori’s first experience at COHS involved “crashing” one of the growth groups that was held in a storefront in Harleysville Commons during the church’s first year in “business.” She began attending services and transferred membership after completing her pastoral care responsibilities at St James Episcopal Church in Evansburg. The warm welcome by the Vicar Anne Ritchings and the congregation truly impressed her.

Since becoming a member, Tori participated in and later coordinated the Growth Group Ministry and Pastoral Care Ministry teams. The Hands on Healing (Reiki) Ministry, which she initiated and continues to lead, provides our COHS community with trained Reiki practitioners at all services. Tori currently chairs the Adult Christian Formation ministry, which continues to evolve and expand its offerings due to the hard work of the planning team and presenters. In addition, She has led focus groups (e.g., ENCORE Seniors’ Ministry), conducted workshops, and developed training for various Pastoral Care Ministry teams.

Tori and her spouse, Rona, have shared life together for 18 years. Tori has three adult children (Bill, Ben and Cindi) and three granddaughters (Lily, Avi, and Scarlett). Tori and Rona enjoy spending time with their families, traveling, taking photographs, attending concerts and theater productions, and discussing current events and movies. Tori is a retired project administrator from a mutual fund company. While working there, she also served as an SEC and NASD registered representative, adult trainer, manager and business systems analyst.

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