Have you ever visited a church and felt lost? At COHS, we want everyone to feel welcome! Our Welcoming Shepherds make sure this happens. The Welcoming Shepherd will make sure that all visitors receive a visitor bag, are invited to coffee hour, and are introduced to others.

Kathy ClippHi, my name is Kathy Clipp.

I am the Chair of the Hospitality Team. I would love to welcome you when you come to visit! Please complete the form below so I know when you plan to visit us.




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What other ways do we welcome visitors? That’s where the Cookie Ministry comes in. Our team makes sure that all visitors have cookies delivered to their house. She also makes sure that a follow up call is made to welcome them and answer any questions they may have.

Coffee hour on Sunday is an important part of COHS ministry. This is a time for people to connect and welcome newcomers. Everyone is welcome to partake in conversation and snacks. Over 40 individuals/families have volunteered in the last couple years to make this ministry possible. The whole congregation chips in to bring both healthy and sweet snacks.

Do you want to volunteer, but not sure how, what, when or where? Please contact me! I will be glad to help you discern your interests, what is involved and who to contact. We always need volunteers! Whether you volunteer for an hour or co-chair an event, your help is always needed!

Interested in helping in the kitchen? Hospitality is one of our strong points! We have many Hospitality Events including dinners, picnics, concerts, etc. Whether you like to make food, set up, wash dishes and/or clean up, we always need lots of help. Everyone is welcome to attend our events and many hands make light work!

Who is a newcomer? A newcomer is anyone who has joined our family within the last year. Once a year we have a special Newcomer Brunch to celebrate our bounty of new members. They are recognized during the services and then a time follows to get to know them at the brunch. Frequently by the time the newcomer is welcomed they may not seem so new as they are already involved in a ministry.

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